Hybrid Bikes: The best of all worlds.

hybrid bikeBuying a new bike is harder than buying a car or house. So why not buy an all-in-one bike, a multi-purpose hybrid that can solve all your problems.

An Offspring Solution

‘Will I need electricity for it?’ That’s the question mostly associated with the word ‘Hybrid.’ The answer is no, obviously. Bikes don’t need electricity. Hybrid bikes are hybrid because they are a Swiss-knife of bikes. By nature, bikes are already adaptable machines to their environments. Hybrid bikes, however, goes one step forward and revolutionize the standard of bikes by ten-folds. There are also other bikes like terra trike accessories.

Why Chose Hybrids?

First of all, it carries all the facilities of a normal bike, as well as other bikes, in one place. And the list continues:

  1. They are designed in such a way that they can be effective on the road and adapt on off-roading. The tires are designed to adjust between smooth road traveling and sustain its life against nature in rough environments.
  2. While performance is always the priority, you can neglect comfort. Mountain bikes and touring bikes differ in this way. One provides comfort, and the other provides performance. Hybrid bikes, on the contrary, are one of the most comfortable bikes to ride. Handlebars are designed in such a way that you are in a relaxed cycling position which eliminates back, shoulder or neck pain usually occurring on dedicated road bikes.
  3. With all the utilities packed, one might think that hybrid bikes would be heavier than usual bikes. This is untrue. Hybrid bikes are very light, but they are heavier than most road bikes.

The Small Details

This is where one might think that why isn’t a hybrid car just another mountain bike. Well, mountain bikes are usually used at hills, for climbing trails and steep paths. They generally have lower gear ratios for this purpose. This means disaster for horizontal traveling. Hybrids, on the other hand, have both low and high gears which is better for both situations.

Comfort Zone

Let’s get to the seating area. Hybrid bikes have padded seats with the sometimes suspension at the seat posts. That helps a lot if sometimes you accidently ride over a pothole. The suspension absorbs the shock, and you are free of that pain. The front suspension is also a must-have to ensure a safe riding.

Gear Up And Lets Roll

Shopping for gears is a tedious process, but it’s a smart payoff. Bikes have gears from 16 all the way to 30, these days, but it’s not that important on a hybrid if you are just commuting. However, if you are touring or going long distances, then take great care in making that decision for better. Most importantly, make sure you have the best quality gears fit-in-your bike. No compromises there.

Hold Up

Hybrid bikes are fitted with a linear braking system which is great for stopping quickly and safely. But fitting disc brakes gives you more control while braking and they are more effective in muddy or wet conditions. Recommendations aside, for your safety it is essential that you must have working brakes.

Our Comprehensive Scottish Entertainment Hospitality

If there is one thing we Scottish people know is how to entertain ourselves. That is why, as our guest, you will be getting some Scottish Entertainment hospitality when you visit us. So what do we do for fun?

We Dance

That is one thing we do the first chance we get. Whether we are drunk or sober it doesn’t matter. We can dance at night or at day. Occasionally, during evening and morning too.

Here is a sample of our traditional beauty:

We Sing

Scots love to sing. We love to sing  to ourselves, to our loved ones, to our kids and to our guests. It will be delight to have you join us at the bar for a few rounds of singing. Ever heard of Gaelik tradition singing?

We Drink Beer

beer barAnd a lot of it. If you are a Scot and you don’t drink then you are not a Scot. It is a simple is that. It is the definition of our existence. We have been drinking and brewing since ages. Our ancestors got us hooked on it and now we just cannot get unhooked. It is just that lovely.

We Tell Jokes

Jokes and bear goes along perfectly. It is also a great way for us to bond with your customers and also serves as an ice breaker. We are careful when we crack jokes with fresh faces. But get to know us and then you will see the full battery of our jokes (nothing obscene – just too retarded).

We Watch Videos

We love watching videos. In fact, our guest rooms are equipped with the best video entertainment system for the price. We have TV, computer, and even offer wireless hdmi system. Yes, we know our stuff and we know our way around technology. We are drunk only 23 hours of the day, the one our we are actually quite smart.

Our Fun Events at Horse and Hound Inn

We like to keep our guests entertained. Therefore, we organize all sorts of events from small pub parties to board games where guests of all demographics can enjoy. We believe that keeping ourselves engaged with the customers not only creates memories, but also enhances our friendship and bond with them for life.


Although we are not a five star hotel, we take great pride in our hospitality and that we believe surpasses any kind of star scale. Stars are just a number, hospitality is what a human admires. It is a human attribute. You can go to Burj Al-Arab which is a 7 star hotel, if you do not feel like at home, then you didn’t quite enjoy your stay.

Wedding Events

These are very common and we have held strong connections with all the couples with whom we had had the pleasure of organizing their event.

This is a once in a lifetime event. It is stressful and requires someone who can understand. For many couples it can get quite overwhelming. That’s we offer the most help that we can. We even offer to take up the helms for organizing the entire event by ourselves so that they can take some rest.

foodimage (1)


From birthday parties to balls, we love them all. Again, only a family understands the importance for a child’s birthday party. We try to be as understanding as them.

We also host meetings and professional events. In fact, many of our customers so happy with us, they always turn to us for organizing Jazz, or classic, or pop music balls.

Gaming Parties

Yes, the list would be incomplete without the mentioning of games. We organize Bingo events and other board game events including chess, checkers etc.

We go even beyond that. Our team consists of several youth, Most of them who are quite heavy gamers.

So naturally, we had the idea to invite all the game lovers for a gaming party. Counter Strike was the game of choice. Everbody was given a corner gaming desk so that they cannot cheat off of each other. Since we did not have all the gaming gear. We had asked our guests to bring their PCs with them while we provided them with the infrastructure.

It was one of the best events we had organized and a great bridge between the elderly and the young who we all know have a huge understanding gap due to the technology divide between the generations.

All in all, what truly defines us is hospitality. This is what we will cherish for generations to come. Our relationship between our customers is that of friendship.

Beautiful Bonchester Bridge

Things to Do Around Bonchester Bridge


Bonchester Bridge, An ideal base for many outdoor activities including: walking, cycling, fishing, horse riding, and many others.

7Stanes: A series of mountain bike tails around the south of Scotland the nearest is in the forrest around Newcastleton.

Walking in Scotland: Information on walking in Scotland, contains specific information on recomended walks.

Jedforest Deer & Farm Park: A popular local visitor attraction, see farm animals and much more.

Hawick Museum & Art Gallery: A worth while visit, explore the towns history, and exhibitions of the towns two great motorcyclists. Speaking of which, you will benefit from bringing along a bicycle with yourself. We here like and prefer our best hybrid bikes.

Jedburgh Abbey: One of the four great abbeys built locally during the middle ages.

Abbotsford House: The home of Walter Scott, one of Scotlands most famous sons.

Floors Castle: Scotlands largest inhabbited house.

Dryburgh Abbey: An idilic location to visit, the ruins are set in secluded woodland.

Edinburgh: Scotlands capital city, is only just over an hour north of Bonchester Bridge.

Scottish Borders Tourist Board: More information on things to do in the Scottish Borders.


What to bring to Bonchester Bridge


For starters, thanks for taking interest in visiting in our inn. We would like this opportunity to tell you that we provide a complete solution including a great place for lodging.

You can easily contact us  anytime to reserve your room. So what should you bring to Bonchester Bridge? Well, we have you mostly covered if you plan to stay with us. From food to entertainment, we can provide you all.

However, there are a few things that you should be mindful of:

  • Your legal documents (We will need to check those)
  • Your clothes
  • Enough cash for a return trip

What does our accommodation include

We have some of the coziest places to stay. We are a small inn, therefore, you will feel like family in here with us. Although you cannot expect 5 star level of finesse (gold plated spoons, imported incense from India etc) we do take of our guests like friends and family. Our hospitality is unlike anywhere else.

Our rooms are supremely clean. You will be given everything from toiletries to clean bedding. You will get a TV with all the local and some international channels.

There is a computer with decent enough specs. It has an i5 processor with good RAM and a cheap IPS monitor . Though, we would advise our guests to bring their own PCs as our computers are limited.

All in all, we have you covered from every angle possible.