Our Comprehensive Scottish Entertainment Hospitality

If there is one thing we Scottish people know is how to entertain ourselves. That is why, as our guest, you will be getting some Scottish Entertainment hospitality when you visit us. So what do we do for fun?

We Dance

That is one thing we do the first chance we get. Whether we are drunk or sober it doesn’t matter. We can dance at night or at day. Occasionally, during evening and morning too.

Here is a sample of our traditional beauty:

We Sing

Scots love to sing. We love to sing  to ourselves, to our loved ones, to our kids and to our guests. It will be delight to have you join us at the bar for a few rounds of singing. Ever heard of Gaelik tradition singing?

We Drink Beer

beer barAnd a lot of it. If you are a Scot and you don’t drink then you are not a Scot. It is a simple is that. It is the definition of our existence. We have been drinking and brewing since ages. Our ancestors got us hooked on it and now we just cannot get unhooked. It is just that lovely.

We Tell Jokes

Jokes and bear goes along perfectly. It is also a great way for us to bond with your customers and also serves as an ice breaker. We are careful when we crack jokes with fresh faces. But get to know us and then you will see the full battery of our jokes (nothing obscene – just too retarded).

We Watch Videos

We love watching videos. In fact, our guest rooms are equipped with the best video entertainment system for the price. We have TV, computer, and even offer wireless hdmi system. Yes, we know our stuff and we know our way around technology. We are drunk only 23 hours of the day, the one our we are actually quite smart.