Our Fun Events at Horse and Hound Inn

We like to keep our guests entertained. Therefore, we organize all sorts of events from small pub parties to board games where guests of all demographics can enjoy. We believe that keeping ourselves engaged with the customers not only creates memories, but also enhances our friendship and bond with them for life.


Although we are not a five star hotel, we take great pride in our hospitality and that we believe surpasses any kind of star scale. Stars are just a number, hospitality is what a human admires. It is a human attribute. You can go to Burj Al-Arab which is a 7 star hotel, if you do not feel like at home, then you didn’t quite enjoy your stay.

Wedding Events

These are very common and we have held strong connections with all the couples with whom we had had the pleasure of organizing their event.

This is a once in a lifetime event. It is stressful and requires someone who can understand. For many couples it can get quite overwhelming. That’s we offer the most help that we can. We even offer to take up the helms for organizing the entire event by ourselves so that they can take some rest.

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From birthday parties to balls, we love them all. Again, only a family understands the importance for a child’s birthday party. We try to be as understanding as them.

We also host meetings and professional events. In fact, many of our customers so happy with us, they always turn to us for organizing Jazz, or classic, or pop music balls.

Gaming Parties

Yes, the list would be incomplete without the mentioning of games. We organize Bingo events and other board game events including chess, checkers etc.

We go even beyond that. Our team consists of several youth, Most of them who are quite heavy gamers.

So naturally, we had the idea to invite all the game lovers for a gaming party. Counter Strike was the game of choice. Everbody was given a corner gaming desk so that they cannot cheat off of each other. Since we did not have all the gaming gear. We had asked our guests to bring their PCs with them while we provided them with the infrastructure.

It was one of the best events we had organized and a great bridge between the elderly and the young who we all know have a huge understanding gap due to the technology divide between the generations.

All in all, what truly defines us is hospitality. This is what we will cherish for generations to come. Our relationship between our customers is that of friendship.

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