What to bring to Bonchester Bridge


For starters, thanks for taking interest in visiting in our inn. We would like this opportunity to tell you that we provide a complete solution including a great place for lodging.

You can easily contact us  anytime to reserve your room. So what should you bring to Bonchester Bridge? Well, we have you mostly covered if you plan to stay with us. From food to entertainment, we can provide you all.

However, there are a few things that you should be mindful of:

  • Your legal documents (We will need to check those)
  • Your clothes
  • Enough cash for a return trip

What does our accommodation include

We have some of the coziest places to stay. We are a small inn, therefore, you will feel like family in here with us. Although you cannot expect 5 star level of finesse (gold plated spoons, imported incense from India etc) we do take of our guests like friends and family. Our hospitality is unlike anywhere else.

Our rooms are supremely clean. You will be given everything from toiletries to clean bedding. You will get a TV with all the local and some international channels.

There is a computer with decent enough specs. It has an i5 processor with good RAM and a cheap IPS monitor . Though, we would advise our guests to bring their own PCs as our computers are limited.

All in all, we have you covered from every angle possible.